Asteroid Deluxe Debut LP 'The Lawn'

Released Nov 2017

So Asteroid Deluxe have been pretty busy in 2017 planning and executing their next move in world domination via the power of psychedelic progressive rock....... and now t'is the time to start making some very loud noises about it!
Following their acclaimed performances re-scoring cult 70's films 'Holy Mountain' and 'La Planete Sauvage' in 2015 and 2016 they turned their focus this year to recording their debut concept album 'The Lawn'. They are also very excited to announce that they have joined forces with arch-visual manipulator David Hopkinson who has blown everyone's minds with the creation of his new 'live' film to accompany 'The Lawn'.
The album's inspiration is drawn from the concrete high-rise architecture of post-war Britain, its original modernist uptopian vision and subsequent notoriety, whilst musically referencing early 70's psychedelic and progressive rock, Krautrock, French cinema and Morricone's crime soundtracks complete with Floydesque ambience.
Asteroid Deluxe will be releasing 300 limited addition vinyl LPs and a digital 2 sided album very soon! They have just received their test pressings and are delighted with how the record's turned out, They just can't wait to get out there!

Asteroid Deluxe New Rescore - Fantastic Planet......

This spellbinding futuristic sci-fi animation from 1973 caputured the band's attention a few years ago. The film's surreal and mesmerising psychedelic imagery, created by French writer and artist Roland Topor dipict the extremely strange landscapes and lifeforms on the planet Ygam and of the various aspects of it's lifeform's society, such as their meditation and their technology.


It has a brilliantly weird original soundtrack by Alain Gorague but has now be sonically reimagined by Asteroid Deluxe..... Watch the trailer to get a sneek preview of that sound!!


See SHOWS  for all upcoming performance events information.........


New Asteroid Deluxe

live record

Asteroid Deluxe have been working on something a little bit special in the studio..... composed entirely from live recordings made in 2015, 'Zoom Back Camera' will be the result of an experimental production process and released in full sometime in the future.

Zoom Back Camera teaser - Asteroid Deluxe
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Asteroid Deluxe perform @ Sanctum

Asteroid Deluxe are thrilled to announce they will be performing at Sanctum as part of Bristol 2015 European Green Capital events.

Asteroid Deluxe @ Greenman Festival!

Asteroid Deluxe are thrilled to announce that they will debut their brand new original rescore of Alexandro Jodorowsky’s 1973 psychedelic cult classic 'Holy Mountain' LIVE at this year's Greenman Festival!! Cinedrome tent at midnight on Friday 21st Aug........